Welcome to Sojourn Travel, and thanks for visiting us here.

Remember the olden days of travel when airline tickets were handwritten (by us!) and you got dressed up when you traveled by air? LOL, yep, so do we!

Sojourn Travel, established in 1984, has seen a lot of changes through our many years in business.

Our story has evolved through four decades of business. We ourselves have transitioned from youthful adventures to the art of luxurious getaways and cultural adventures. As our tastes matured (and we did too), so did our conviction: travel might not get easier, but one can indeed find ease in travel.

Who are we?

Sojourn Travel was founded and is helmed by husband and wife team Mary Emmer and Barney Kaminsky. Sometimes it’s referred to as the Mary & Barney show 🙂 And, well – that’s true.

Sure, we’re travel advisors and run an independent travel agency, as well as a luxury travel blog and newsletter.

But perhaps more importantly, we’re travelers too! Just like you. That means that we’re actually experienced in everything that we’re talking to you about.

Mary Emmer

Barney Kaminsky

What do we do?

The short answer is – we connect you with a vacation experience that will be perfect for you.

The key word there is you.

Because the perfect vacation experience is going to look a little different for everyone. For example, for our fellow baby boomers (and anyone else!) yearning for comfort and refinement, we present luxury cruises that cradle the soul, and bespoke European escapades shaped by our personal sojourns across the continent.

And here’s a promise: every journey planned by Sojourn is crafted by human hands, specifically, ours. No chatbots, no novices, no people who have never traveled — just decades of experience and a pinch of fun!

How Booking With Sojourn Will Benefit You

We are affiliated with the esteemed Travel Leaders Network. This isn’t just a badge of honor for us at Sojourn Travel; it’s a promise of unparalleled quality and service to you, our treasured clients. The Travel Leaders Network is a North American travel powerhouse, with its vast footprint spanning approximately 5,700 agency locations, and embodies a progressive approach to each distinctive travel experience. This gives us clout on behalf of you, our client.

But that’s not all.

What does this affiliation mean for you?

  • Global Reach, Local Touch: As members of the Travel Leaders Network, we can tap into a wealth of knowledge and connections, yet still offer you a personalized experience.
  • Exclusive Benefits with Cruises: We can offer you an exclusive cruise program giving you access to:
    • Over 3,500 specialty cruise departures each year, offering a global voyage experience.
    • Premier Distinctive Voyages with dedicated hosts.
    • Private Car and Driver departures, perfect for those seeking an exclusive touch.
    • Added perks like shipboard credits, prepaid gratuities, or culinary-inspired sailings.

  • Worldwide Recognition: Our affiliation ensures our voice is heard loud and clear. Renowned cruise, resort, and tour companies recognize and respect us, translating to advantages and unique experiences for you.

At Sojourn Travel, our alliance with Travel Leaders Network ensures that your journeys are more than just trips; they are unique experiences crafted with expertise, along with a dash of luxury.

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“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

~Susan Sontag