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Do you believe you need a travel agent when you book a trip?  Or instead, do you say “Why Use a Travel Agent” to yourself and then decide to go it alone?

The world we live in today is not quite the same world we lived in even 6 months ago.  And we believe it’s never been more important for us to point out the reasons why you need to use professional travel planners to handle your travel bookings.  In our world, BELIEVE spells the most important 7 reasons you need a travel agent more than ever before.

7 Reasons You Need A Travel Agent More Than Ever in 20200

B –  Better Trip – What makes a “better trip?”  Using a travel agent means you’re less like to get caught by the “fine print.”  Using a travel agent means you won’t be overwhelmed by all the available travel options offered online and you won’t waste hours, days, weeks or more trying to find the best deal and booking online.  A travel agent will tell you when the best times are to travel to your desired destinations based on your budget or local conditions.  A travel agent will negotiate on your behalf.  We’ll just sum this one up with the fact that in general, people who use travel professionals to plan their trips usually end up with a more complete and personalized travel experience than those that booked online on their own.

E Emergencies – Travel agents respond to urgent matters, URGENTLY.  If you have an emergency or misfortune while traveling, your travel agent will be your safety net.  That means they will be there for you to immediately help with last minute flight changes, itinerary changes or anything else required.

L Lockdown –  Well, this is a word we didn’t even use 6 months ago.  And yes, everyone is tired of it.  But this is one of the most compelling reasons ever that you need a travel agent now in 2020 and beyond.  Lockdown.  Were you traveling when the Covid-19 lockdown started?  Were you scheduled to travel days, weeks, or months after it started and your trip got canceled because of the pandemic?  How about cruising?  Were you scheduled to sail on a ship that has subsequently canceled all sailings until who knows when?  Or worse yet, were you stuck….quarantined on one of the ships that were not allowed to dock anywhere?  And if you experienced any of the above, did you know the proper channels to go through to receive the proper refunds or credits that it was your right to receive?  Your travel agent knows those channels.  And while the above examples seem extreme, let me assure you that these situations have all happened on a fairly regular basis since March 2020 and our agency has successfully navigated through each and every situation to make sure that every client was safe, and received any and all compensation that was available for their situation.  Unfortunately, people that booked online do not have the same stories of success.

IItinerary – Professional travel planners can craft the ideal itinerary for you and personalize your experience by putting their knowledge, industry contacts and their own personal experiences to work.  They’ll know what to expect ahead of time and can make special requests on your behalf.  This applies not only to planning a tour or vacation itinerary but with the flight itinerary as well.  They have the same airline automation resources on hand that the airlines have so they can make sure you end up with a reasonable flight schedule rather than one that routes you through the North Pole before you reach your final destination.  Well, unless you’re going to the North Pole, that is 🙂

EExpertise – Travel professionals are travel experts.  In addition to being well-informed about destinations around the globe and having visited many themselves, travel agents can offer you priceless tips and resources to help you while you’re traveling.  Travel professionals can also leverage relationships they have with vendors and partners to get you additional perks.

V VIP – Travel agents have access to lower pricing as well as special perks and benefits that can save you money while at the same time enhancing the quality of your trip.  If you want VIP treatment on your next trip, contact a travel agent.

EExtras – There are a lot of value-adds that consumers don’t even know about, but travel professionals do know and can add.  Travel agents have access to a variety of tools and resources that consumers can’t see.  They can sometimes get you a better seat on the airplane, a better room at a hotel, upgraded rooms, special discounts, event tickets or plan activities that consumers couldn’t get themselves.  These are just a few examples of the types of “extras” that a travel professional can bring to the table on a global basis.

So, Why Use A Travel Agent?

Because they make it easier for you,  you’ll have a better experience during the booking process and while traveling, you’ll probably get some value-added perks and you’ll have someone to turn to if you have a problem along the way.  So, still asking yourself “Why Use a Travel Agent?”


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